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 IGN – There has been some speculation for a while now whether or not another Friday Night Lights movie was still happening. However, director Peter Berg, who is currently promoting his new film Battleship, claims that a feature film is still on the horizon.

Since seemingly the beginning of time, movie studios have been rebooting and spoofing TV shows at an alarming rate.   More often than not, these brainless moneymakers fall into two categories – Shtick (Brady Bunch, etc.) and Loose Interpretation (21 Jump Street, etc.).  Every once in a while when you are mining for cinema gold in a riverbed of movie studio mud, you get lucky and find a few nuggets worth saving – these TV-on-the-movie-screen examples are Arrested Development and Friday Night Lights.  Let’s hope the latter moves a lot faster to the box office than the former has (currently AD is slated for a 2014 release… maybe?!)

Unlike the typical TV to Movie Reboot, and more like it’s aforementioned comedy counterpart, FNL will bring back the entire cast of the criminally unwatched NBC drama.  Despite the busy schedules of stars Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, and Taylor Kitsch, producer Peter Berg reassured audiences this week that this movie is very much moving forward and the script is near completion.  In a word – F@#$%ing Awesome.

Early speculation states that the plot is set to mirror real life events of Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, who was fired from his head-coaching job over mishandling a player’s injury.  Leach was cleared of the accusations and is now the head coach at Washington State.  I’m glad this story has a happy ending because it couldn’t be a more fitting “ripped from the headlines” plot for a feature film version of Friday Night Lights.  I can see it now –

  • Coach Taylor looking pensively out the window as Mogwai plays softly in the background.
  • Mrs. Taylor wondering how to help her husband and mentor her students.
  • Somewhere in the distance Julie Taylor is doing something the audience finds head in hands annoying
  • Riggins does his best sad Keanu.

Big Boot.  Leg Drop.  1-2-3.  Give them the Oscar right now!  No matter what the plot – be it football related or the cast founding a colony on Mars – FNL is back.

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts.  Can’t Lose.

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